Reporting Webinar

No successful decision-making without sound data. If you want to make recommendations and guide stakeholders in your company, you need to present the figures that matter – in an easily digestible and timely manner.

We show you how to boost your reporting with treasury dashboards, real-time KPIs and fast and easy visualization and analysis. 

Key learnings from this webinar include:

  • Overview of our smart and flexible solutions for your reporting
  • How to visualize and analyze your treasury data
  • Treasury dashboards and KPIs for successful finance decisions

Dates and times:
October 15 | 4 PM CEST| English
October 20 | 2 PM CEST | German
October 29 | 4 PM CET | English
November 3 | 2 PM CET | German
November 12 | 4PM CET | English

Webinar run time: approx. 30 min


Christian Enz-Pohling
Senior Treasury Consultant
Matthias Hund
Consulting Director
Frank Song
Senior Treasury Consultant

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