Payment fraud prevention Webinar

Who is responsible for deterring payment fraud & cyber risk? How can you ensure security when processing payments and prevent fraud? With functionality like centralized allow and block lists in combination with real-time data validation, you can reduce the risk of payment fraud dramatically.

See how easy it is to enhance your payment process with another layer of security – 100% integrated. 

Key learnings from this webinar include:

  • Why vendor verification matters   
  • How to set up centralized allow and block lists  
  • The various use cases for vendor verification

Dates and times:
November 17 | 2 PM CET | German
November 26 | 4 PM CET | English
December 1 | 2 PM CET | German
December 10 | 4 PM CET | English
December 15 | 2 PM CET | German

Webinar run time: approx. 30 min


Adrien Dumont
Product Manager
Andreas Kayser
Pre-Sales EMEA

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